Comfortable Foot Acupoint Massage Carpet


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Rectangle: 35 cm * 70 cm

This product adopts special PP plastic, has the advantages of high hardness, wear resistance. Easy to use the site without limit, at any time can be mobile, indoor and outdoor can use. Massage the foot bottom reflection area, promote metabolism, blood circulation, alleviate neuralgia, eliminate muscle fatigue, and qi and blood, adjust the function of the internal organs, enhance human immunity.

Applicable for old people as well.

Material: PP packing: OPP bag

Method of use:

1. The plastic stones packed in advance, users can rotate the plastic stones after forcibly set aside, and then in accordance with like colors style or size to line up.

2. The product flat out on the floor, please drink more boiled water before, during, and after use, water quantity when depends on each situation, generally about 250 cc – 500 cc. Let the body a variety of impurities in the urine.

3.The product covered with a thin blanket and put on socks to walk, to reduce pain, after a period of time to walk barefoot. Foot reflection zone map


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